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Dangers Of Breast Implants

Although implants may seem like a quick and easy solution to increasing your breast size fast they do come with certain complication risks as well.

For intance, did you know that as many as 3% suffer leakage within 3 years causing a deflated implant? There is always the risk of an implant breaking or leaking. A saline (salt water) implant leakage will be absorbed by the body without ill effects but can cause your breasts to go out of shape.

Silicone gel implants can also leak into the surrounding tissue and collect in the breast. Any breaks or leakages will probably require an operation and replacement of the implant.

Leaking implants have been linked with a number of illnesses including cancer, however many reports focused on this particular area have been inconclusive, especially if the woman only had the implants for a short time. The FDA studied the relationship between implants and immune diseases on women who had their implants in for more than 7 years. Again this proved inconclusive, however reports stated that women whose implants leaked were more likely to get fibromyalgia and other diseases such as polymyositis, mixed connective tissue disease and others.

The National Cancer Institute have studied the dangers of having implants for greater than 7 years and found that women with implants had a 21% more chance of contracting cervical and vulvar cancers. Again, despite the studies there is still no conclusive evidence leaking diseases to the leakage of silicon breast implants.

Until there is some real evidence, the FDA and research firms tell us that breast implants are not dangerous to womens health. However it is fair to say that women should carefully consider the implications of breast enlargement surgery and implants before going down that route, especially when there are more natural, safer alternatives.