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5 Good Reasons why you should not choose Breast Surgery

Not everybody is blessed with the perfect figure. Some women have naturally big breasts to accentuate their figures but there are some women who cannot say the same. Women like to have full breasts because breasts are the symbols of womanhood and they feel inadequate or lacking as a female when their breasts are small. That is why many turn to surgery to solve their breast needs. Surgery will get you the quickest results but the many risks involve is a real letdown to this procedure.

1. Expensive

Surgery on the breast or breast augmentation can be really expensive. For the procedure alone, you will spend thousands of dollars and that does not include the medications needed after the procedure. Some women get desperate enough to borrow money just so they can have this procedure pushing them deeper in debt.

2. Lengthy Recovery

After any surgical procedure, you are going to have to take some time to recover. The initial recovery stage is only about seven days. By then you will be able to move about but your actions will be very restricted. Full and complete recovery from such a big surgery will take several weeks and sometime months. The recovery rate of a person is different with each person.

3. Complications

Complications are the major risk of any surgery. Some complications in a surgery can be very life threatening or have a permanent effect on a person’s quality of life. Breast augmentation done surgically is a serious matter. The most common complications seen in such surgeries are rejection and infection. Rejection occurs when the body will reject the implant. This happens because for surgical breast enlargement, an implant will be placed inside your breast area and this implant is considered foreign to the body. Infection is common amongst all surgeries. Surgical procedures involve some blood loss and lots of medication resulting to the lowering of the immune system thus making the patient susceptible to infection.

4. Scarring

Scars are one of the most hated blemishes on the skin. In order for an implant to be placed in the chest area, an incision must be made. Scarring usually occurs because the incision made was not carefully stitched back together properly or the wound did not heal appropriately.

5. More meds

Expect a lot of pain after a breast enlargement surgery. Your body is going to take a complete beating after the surgery and you will feel every pain if you do not take pain medication. Post-op medications are used to manage the pain and fight off infection. These medications can be very expensive and they need to be taken everyday until the doctor says to stop.

Surgery is not the only option and in fact, it should be done only as a last result. You can save a lot of money, a lot of time, and a lot of pain with Breast Actives. This is a miraculous product that shows visible results within only a month! If you want to find out more about this product, go to and see what special offers you can get with it!